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Consumers are extremely resourceful creatures

About us

We help financial service organizations gain a deeper understanding of their markets and consumers so that they can make better commercial and investment decisions. 

Spiros Simotas, the company founder has worked for more than three decades as an independent financial services marketing consultant, both in Greece and Australia. 

We have worked with various insurance groups including Interamerican, Zurich, Generali, Aspis. IFMA and AMP as well as Mutual Fund Management firms such as Intertust and ABN/Amro.


Capita offers marketing consulting services that cover a wide range of commercial issues including:

  • market demand analysis

  • consumer research 

  • segmentation and targeting

  • differentiation and positioning

  • branding

  • marketing strategy

  • product, services and ecosystem design

  • sales network development and support

  • alternative distribution and

  • marketing communications


If you would like to talk to us about your overall marketing effort or a specific commercial project you can contact us directly either by phone or email. 


General Commercial Registry Number: 142730801000

Head Office: Aristofanous & Agapis,  Nea Makri 19005, Attiki 
Shareholders: Spiros Simotas, Founder

Georgia Roussou, Business Manager

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